Bailando Open Championship 2023

Group photos for all the honorable Dance Judges (Right: MYDF Chairman: George Tan, Centre : Vivian and Peter -Principal of BDA)
Dance Championship Judges
Photo with Pietro Braga from Italy. WDSF Sport Director of Dance Sport Team , Member of the WDSF Adjudicators Qualifications Classification Committee.
Photo with Mr. Valeri Ivanov from Spain
Photo with Simon Mok From Hong Kong
Photo with Mary Yeh from Chinese Taipei.
Photo with Chu Quynh Trang from Vietnam
Photo with (Left Top: Maggie Soh from Johor, Right top: Mr. Sutu Oh from Korea, Left bottom: Anita from Johor, Centre : Alexis from Sarawak)
Photo with Chua Zjen Fong , MYDF Sport Director
Group photo from the Shall We Dance Studio ‘s students
Photo with Shall We Dance Jacket 🙂

Thank you to Bailando Dance School for invited us to join the overwhelming dance sport championship. Thank you to Edwin Teo And Kimberley for invited. Not Forgetting Vivian and Peter for your hospitality.

Shall We Dance Studio Dance Competition & Got Talent 2023

Shall We Dance Studio 
Date: 8th, July 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 1:30pm to 8pm.
Venue: Megah Rise Mall ( Centre Court)
Shall We Dance Studio having the yearly Anniversary Concert. This event will be holding in Megah Rise Shopping Mall, Dated on 8th June 2023. (First experience for all our students)

What is the benefit of joining Got talent show:

Students are given opportunity to Show their best talent of themselves.

It will give the children and adults to prove their ability, exposure

Prizes will be won

Life time Experience

Network and make friends

Feel Free to contact us for more details on the event : +60123666130


Their first dance for James & Joyce of a newly married couple is one of those time-honored traditions that is highly cherished. The first dance was considered as the official opening of dancing by the newly married couple who were the guest of honor, highly & respectfully choreograph by Shall We Dance Studio.
The dance movement teach synchronization which is a guideline for good marriage. Dance gives the new couple an opportunity to express through body language. The melody of the song and rhythm of the dance helps the bride and groom to come close to each other.
The first wedding dance has to be superb and properly synchronized to reveal the true expression of this new couple. One should learn wedding dance from famous dance instructors and classes to learn a great wedding dance that showcase a wonderful start of your life together.
James & Joyce did a splendid wedding dance in front of their guest from the moment when he and her spouse step out on the dance floor to the last step of their dance and accomplished it in a calm and relaxed way. Ones should take up training from expert teachers or choreographer from famous dance studio and academy like Shall We Dance Studio to learn their first dance together.


Children Xmas Party at SHALL WE DANCE STUDIO Dec, 2022.

After the pandemic, kids are so excited and looking forward for the first time of physical party especially Christmas Party…Ho Ho Ho….

We had lots of fun filled with laughers especially playing games and exchange of Christmas gift.

Greatly appreciate Teacher Cheah, which is the organizer of the kids Christmas party.

Team Shall We Dance Studio…
happy birthday to our Star student, Lean Lu Yi
Shall We Dance Studio Christmas Tree

group photos
xmas creative art
another piece of creative art work

1st Online Davao Battle of Championship ,DanceSport Championships

1st Online Davao Battle of Championship ,DanceSport Championships

August 7th, 2021(Saturday)

Organizers: Julie Flintham and Jeah Canoy

It was the pandemic challenge for the kids for one and half years. Getting the students motivated by entering the Online Competition.

This little kids are so excited and have so much fun to participate in the online competition. Great exposure to the students and as well as the parents.

Anyway thank you to Teacher Cheah for her great , volunteer her time and efforts to have trained the kids well. Also the beloved parents. Without their sacrifices in terms of financially, physically and as well as the patient and aslo playing the role as make up artist, Hair stylist, Fashion designers…etc. Without them the kids will not be able to stand out there and shines.

Thank you all of you all and have a safe and healthy day.


Your safety and health is our top priority. Therefore we have performed a sanitisation exercise in preparation to welcome back all of you.
Let’s stay healthy by practising the SOP set out by the government.


您的安全与健康是我们的首要任务。 因此,我们进行了一次卫生锻炼,以准备欢迎大家回来。