Month: January 2018

Teaching at Digi Company best moment…

Working with DIGI company was our dance studio best memorable moment. These group of fun , fast learner and interesting students are such fun to teach and play with. The final dance was “Despacito” . It was so sexy and dedicated danced by DIGI ” fu yoo” group.

Shall We Dance Christmas Party 2017

Yearly fun Christmas Party was held on every December month.

Great dance performances was presented by SWDS students and teachers. Teacher Rumba performance persented by Leon and Stephanie. Students that are participated : ” Jiann Meng partnered with Jennifer, Sim partnered with Germaine, Ee Jen partnered with Celine”.

Exchange of gifts gave all of our students the most blessing wishes of the year. Great Success and good health!

*Merry Christmas and Happy 2018*